Eric Hassell Shipping is the local shipping agent for Seaboard Marine. A leading shipping line based in Miami with weekly arrivals in Barbados

Blue Waters Shipping is the local shipping agent for MSC, the world’s second largest shipping line in container vessel capacity offering regular Barbados arrivals from China, India and other Far East destinations

EHS Freightliner is a local leading off-port LCL warehouse. We offer unstuffing, bonded storage and customized logistical support for frequent importers



To Our Customers, thank you for shipping with us – for being loyal to local family businesses, and for choosing to do business with a company more focused on the individualized personal touch than the profit margin. To our Business Partners, thank you for your continued support, and for the opportunity to learn more about your business wants and needs, so we can continue to build the best locally grown shipping company available. To our Team, thank you for continuing to represent the highest ideals in everything you do, thank you for going the extra mile, and continuing to think of our customers first. I am thankful that I get to work with you each and every day.


About us

Shipping isn’t easy. There is always a problem, an issue or a situation to be addressed. Our small passionate team works tirelessly to get your cargo to you, or to its destination on time. With nearly 50 years of local shipping experience we’ve become pretty good at solving problems

Our History

Captain Eric Hassell

The son of Captain Frank Hassell was born. Captain Frank Hassell came to Barbados from Saba, DWI at 8 years of age by schooner, which was captained by his father.

At 11 years old, at the insistence of his father, Eric was signed on the 65-foot-long trading schooner “Edward VII” which was under the command of his father, Frank. During this time the young Eric Hassell learned the ropes from the bottom rung, that is, as a deck boy doing chores such as swabbing the decks and splicing ropes. Eric literally taught himself by reading voraciously during his limited free time.

After serving his apprenticeship, Hassell took over the Captaincy of “Edward VII” He also captained other boats including “Comrade”, “Manuata” and the “Lucille Smith” before taking over the motorized and ill-fated “Zipper” in 1959.

In the only mishap with a vessel during his 27 years as a seafarer, the “Zipper” took in water. Fortunately, Hassell sent off a “May Day” signal and a passing ship rescued him and his crew. This was the turning point for him as he had pledged that if a boat had sunk under him that it would be the end of his career at sea.


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